Whether you have a performing loan or a non-performing loan, if you want to diligently review the actual performance of the under lying asset, call us.

Within the covenants of your loan documents we will review the cash flow and expenses and report back to you in plain, clear and understandable, language the actual health of the asset.

Gibraltar Management has the knowledge and ability to review income and verify up close. We have the background and knowledge to know the expenses of an asset and to verify on-site the actual expense and authenticity.

With our knowledge and 30 year history of property operations we will give any lender a much clearer view of an asset.. a big step beyond what an appraiser or an accountant can do.

With our assistance Lenders can decide how and IF to work out their troubled debt. Or, the Lender can simply know the actual health of an asset from the perspective of a building operations specialist.

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